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What You Must Know Before Hiring an SEO Consultant

seoAre you planning to hire an SEO Consultant or an SEO Services company? Do you want to make sure that your SEO project is successful? Before you hire an SEO Consultant, here are some tips that you can use to ensure that you remain in control and how you can contribute towards the overall success of your SEO project.

Your SEO Consultant Must be Realistic

Have you ever received spam emails from “The Best SEO Consultant” claiming that they can get your website on the top of the first page of search results in Google for the keyword of your choice within one week? Such claims are usually unrealistic. That’s because getting higher organic rankings takes time and involves a fair amount of work and investment.

Discuss with your SEO Consultant as to what exactly their plan is for your website and how would they define success. If you have selected a competent SEO Consultant, then they will provide a realistic plan and outline to achieve top rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Provide Goals to Your SEO Consultant

Even if you don’t know SEO well, you can still get your SEO Consultant to set up milestones before they start working on your SEO project. After having that done, you can now hold them accountable if they are not able to meet the targets assigned to them.

It’s quite possible that an SEO Consultant may try to confuse the situation by using excessive industry jargon, however you don’t have to pay anyone if they are not able to achieve what they agreed to before working on your SEO project.

There are quite a few unprofessional SEO Consultants around, so make sure that you ask them to provide references or hire somebody new after thoroughly interviewing them. Get in touch with them on an ongoing basis asking them about what exactly they have done so far and how close they are to reaching the milestones.

Be Patient

SEO takes time. It is an ongoing process and results are not there to see immediately. Even if your website has achieved top rankings for certain keywords, it takes efforts to maintain those positions. That requires constant tweaking of your website content and building inbound links.

Make sure that you enough funds in place before hiring an SEO Consultant and be prepared to practice some patience. Look for somebody who would be able to work for you on a long term basis. Don’t expect to simply stop doing SEO right after your website has gained higher rankings. Be prepared to continue investing time and money both. If you have quality products or services to offer, then your ROI (Return on Investment) will be able to justify your investment in your SEO project and your SEO Consultant.

Get Your Staff to Contribute

Regardless of whether you have an SEO Consultant in-house or if you outsource, you can multiply your SEO efforts by getting your staff involved by keeping them informed about your SEO project.

You can share the results provided to you by your SEO Consultant with your team, which can help them too. For example, your email marketing team can learn which landing pages are getting the most clicks so that they can also direct traffic to them in their email marketing campaigns.

If you have somebody writing articles or press releases, they can target specific keywords provided to you by your SEO Consultant, which will help boost your website’s rankings for those keywords. You can also involve your team to tweet your blog posts, bookmark them and share links to your landing pages with their own contacts. All of these initiatives will help your SEO Consultant to achieve your SEO goals.

Build Reputation for Your Company

If you are well known within your industry, you can write blog posts, and then by tweeting and retweeting them, your name can go around in your industry which will help get more inbound links to your website.

Even if you are not well known, you can build reputation as an industry expert by starting your own blog and by guest blogging. Gradually you will build reputation in your social network and within your industry. Overall this will help generate more traffic and incoming links contributing to your SEO Consultant’s success for your project. If somebody in your company is well known in the industry, then a blog can also maintained using his/her name.

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