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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become an important component of internet marketing. With people accessing information all over the web it has become important to become engaged with people where they are searching and socializing. Our social media marketing services are designed to drive significant traffic to your website and amplify your messages.

Blog marketing includes the consistent publishing of unique and valuable optimized content designed to dramatically increase your opportunities for lead generation and brand interaction. Every blog post represents a new opportunity to interact with your audience and share valuable content. Each post adds a backlink and another page to your website…which makes the search engines very happy!

Facebook Marketing – With more than two billion active users this is a market that cannot be ignored. Facebook is a fantastic platform for business. Companies consistently publish interesting and unique content to attract new “fans” who can sign up to receive regular updates and interact with companies. The social nature of this site makes it easy to engage with your customers, communicate about promotions, events or other offerings and generate leads.

Facebook Advertising is making huge waves in the industry. With its precise targeting based on demographics and interests, its relatively low cost and the immediacy of results, Facebook advertising has become an incredibly valuable tool in the local business toolkit.

Twitter Marketing – More than 300 million people actively use this microblogging service that enables its users to send real-time, continual updates of up to 140 characters. This cost-free service has become one of the most convenient and essential marketing tools for businesses of all sizes. Through it, you can market your products or services, engage your customer base, and generate publicity for free. Grow your network, share expertise to build credibility, use it for market research….the simple openness of this platform makes it easy to be involved with your prospects and customers.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a professional social networking site with more than 400 million users. Like the other social networking sites, LinkedIn is is designed to generate discussions by sharing thoughts, ideas and showcasing your expertise on business-related subjects. LinkedIn groups are powerful ways of interacting with like minded professionals. LinkedIn has proven to be very effective for lead generation for B2B situations by organizing events such as webinars, offering whitepapers or videos.

Video Marketing – Video marketing offers unprecedented opportunities to quickly build a significant presence in the search results.  When videos are optimized and syndicated across many video sharing sites, they can be used to create a dominant presence for your targeted geographic keywords.

Of course, there is much more to social media than just building profiles. We have the knowledge and experience to help you build and implement a strategy that integrates your various social media properties with your website in order to optimize your web presence and get your message out.

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