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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a methodology involving a series of strategies and techniques designed to elevate your presence in the organic search results for a particular keyword or phrase. The goal, of course, is to expand your visibility in the search results so that you will receive more site visitors who can ultimately be converted into customers.

Local Search Engine Optimization calls for creating visibility for a keyword in a particular geographic location. Attaining a page one presence in the organic section of the search results is critical for success in local business marketing. Most SEO’s are happy when a single keyword in a single town gets a page one position. But in today’s competitive environment, a single page one listing like that may not be anywhere near enough.

We see things a bit differently. We work with our clients to generate a relevant list of keywords that we know people are using to find their goods and services. We then pair those traffic-generating keywords with the name of the city or town where the business is located. But we take it further. We also pair those keywords with the names of all of the neighboring towns so that we have included the entire potential service area for the business. We build individual landing pages for each of these keyword/location combinations and optimize them. We have been enormously successful at quickly generating lots of page one listings for our geographically targeted keywords. We work hard to cement those positions with an aggressive program of monthly link building.

Our goal is to help local businesses saturate the local search results with first page listings for their geographically targeted keywords. And in conjunction with other content marketing approaches, we can help you dominate the search results!

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