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Reputation Marketing

You’ve heard it said that “perception is reality”.

You may have gone through the effort and expense of driving lots of traffic to your website. But a single negative review (or no reviews at all) may be enough to drive potential customers away. That’s why developing a 5-star online reputation should be one of your business’ highest priorities.

People have traditionally turned to friends or family for recommendations about products and services. But in today’s online world, nearly 80% of people do online research before purchasing a product or service. And, according to Nielson, 70% of global consumers indicate that they trust online reviews from strangers when making purchasing decisions. People use online reviews to help them feel more confident that they are making an informed, intelligent purchase. And they trust the experience of strangers far more than they do advertisements or self-promotion.

Review websites have become quite powerful

People’s comments appear on dozens of review websites like  Google, Yelp and Yahoo Local throughout the web.  In fact, traffic grew by 158% on the 10 largest review sites last year, according to compete.com. A negative review on any of these sites can be seen by so many prospective customers because of the sharing capabilities of social media. Negative reviews can have a powerful impact on businesses simply because they are so visible and, apparently, credible.

“The old marketing adage is that a satisfied customer will tell 5-7 of their friends about their experience, whereas the dissatisfied customer will tell 15-20. Today, an unhappy customer will tell a million of their closest strangers on the internet” according to Joseph Jaffe in his Customer Service Manifesto.

Reputation Marketing

We help our clients by working to promote their positive reputation online.  This means building strategies for collecting reviews, encouraging positive reviews and discouraging negative reviews. We also work to promote your good reputation by sharing positive reviews through social media channels and displaying those reviews on your website. And since reviews are so important for your Google + Local (maps) rankings, we work to raise your local visibility by including many review site citations while we work towards generating positive reviews. Finally, we build videos containing your most current reviews to attain high rankings in the organic sections of the local search results.

To learn more about how we can help protect and promote your good reputation, contact us today.

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