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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a hot topic in online marketing circles these days. It is the process by which a marketer’s tasks can be set up to function automatically in a way to efficiently facilitate the marketing process.

What does that mean? If our roles as online marketers are to increase the revenues for our businesses, there are a series of steps that we need to follow in order to do this most effiiciently. With digital tools we can streamline that process.

Our first task in online marketing is to attract visitors and then convert them into leads. Once they have been converted into leads (which means we know their identity), we then are faced with the larger task of converting them to clients. Converting leads into clients presents a special challenge for online marketers since most people like to do business with those who they “know, like and trust”. Fortunately, Marketing Automation can help to create a closer relationship between your business and the prospect by easing them down the sales funnel in an automated process also known as lead nurturing.

The key to success is to understand that the best way to build a relationship with your leads is to offer valuable educational information about your products and services that help to address their problems and needs rather than selling them. Nurturing those leads can be done by generating a series of emails in advance that are triggered over time and go deeper and deeper into the products they show an interest in. Based on the links that people click on within your emails, you can zero in on their needs and level of interest. This will ultimately pull them further down the funnel and closer to a sale. The fact that you can set it all up in advance and just monitor their progress as they proceed is why it is considered automated.

We can help you build the automated process for your lead nurturing.


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