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Content MarketingWhen you hear the words “customer” and “pain” in the same sentence, it’s natural to associate them with bad news – as in dissatisfied, complaining, stubborn or even rude individuals.

But pain runs both ways. Your customers and prospects have their own issues and questions and personal or professional problems. And what if you could mitigate those problems before they became crises?

What if you could be recognized as not only a thought-leader, but a problem-solver ready with the answers?

Be the guru you knew you could be

Using inbound marketing for lead generation services is a proven tactic that has its foundation in providing valuable content and reaching out via social media.

By valuable, of course, we mean value to your target audience. These people are not yet ready to buy, so they don’t want a sales pitch. Instead, they seek information that speaks directly to the concerns or interests – or in this case, their pain.

Creating the content that solves customer problems, then, begins with knowing the answer to one basic question:

What’s their pain?

Having a deep knowledge of your target audience is key to determining what keeps them tossing and turning at night.

  • If you’re a B2B provider, it could be that your client’s companies are suffering in the slow economy or your customers having trouble finding qualified employees.
  • If you’re a B2C company, the pain could stem from any  number of issues, from money to health to happiness.

Their goals, aspirations, interests, hobbies, relationships, social networking preferences – all these qualities will help you determine the kind of content that will address customer pain and position you as a real resource, not just a product or service vendor.

Three ways to get in a problem-solving groove

Use your content to let your audience know that you understand their problem – and that it won’t necessarily be solved by making a purchase right now. Instead, start with three easy tactics to address pain:

  1. Allow comments.  The two-way conversation of the Internet, comments and forums on your social media pages and website let your customers know that they are not alone. As a vehicle for submitting questions or even registering a complaint, comments are an ideal way to show your commitment to customer service.
  2. Provide how-tos.  “How To,”  “5 Best Ways,” “Traps to Avoid”… these kinds of compelling titles drive visitor interest while providing valuable advice. Take the high road with this content – give answers that are not tied to your product or service.
  3. Network. Who says you have to be the source of all the answers? When you “friend” or “follow” others in your industry, you can share their insights and experiences that can provide a problem-solving experience for your followers.

Be part of the solution

When you integrate problem solving into your lead generation services, you may find the proactive approach resonates with your visitors — building a relationship of trust that can lead them to your landing page, where they can contribute their contact information in exchange for even more valuable content.

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