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Mechanics of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing involves bringing warm leads into your sales funnel and then converting them into your customers. The mechanics of Inbound Marketing entail getting discovered online, promoting your content, converting your visitors and using analytics to determine what’s working and then repeating it. Be Discovered Online Create Content That People Will Actually Read:  Content creation is an important aspect of Inbound Marketing. When people go online to find ideas, answers or solutions to their...

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How To Use Long-Tail Keywords To Outmaneuver The Competition

The competition is tough out there. Entrenched competitors frequently occupy top ranking positions in the search results for what seems like the most valuable and obvious keywords. This is based on a variety of factors including the age of their domains, anchor text and links from a variety of high quality and relevant sources. It takes time to build up the equity that delivers top ranking to these sites. Those who attempt to compete for those competitive keywords right from the beginning will...

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How Reviews and Ratings are Driving Local Search

This article, written by Joe Morsello and published in Street Fight Daily, a hyperlocal media and research publication, addresses the issue of reviews and their relationship to local search. Searching for a business in a location used to feel like a completely straightforward task. No matter the engine you searched on, you were going to get what looked like an objectively determined list of options. Search result rankings were a competition of SEO acumen and required some due diligence on the...

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