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Use Lead Nurturing to Get More Customers

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is a method of building a relationship with your leads and encouraging them to progress through your sales funnel until they are ready to become your customers. Specifically, we recommend sending three to five automated “nurturing” emails to your leads right after they have filled out an online form on your website and subscribed to your list.

Recent industry research revealed that the businesses which do extremely well at lead nurturing are capable of generating 50% more sales-ready leads at the rate of 33% lesser cost per lead. We  explain some elements below that will help you make your lead nurturing email campaigns a success and lead to more customer acquisition.

Offer Engaging Content

It is important to ensure that your lead nurturing emails contain valuable and informative content. Similar to writing a blog post, think about what content your emails should contain. For example, if you are in the business of selling a laptop, your initial nurturing email might center on the topic: “top six factors to consider before buying a laptop.”

Since you are an expert in your industry, teach your leads something new and valuable to keep them engaged. Doing so will ensure that they are willing to continue receiving your emails and interacting with your business.

Focus On a Single Topic

Each lead nurturing email that you send out should remain focused on a single topic and must include a call to action. If you were a lead, would you read such an email or just delete it? Your leads will read your email if it is closely related to the topic that they want more information on. For example, if your lead subscribed to your list when they downloaded your report on “should you buy a Mac or a PC?” they are yet at the beginning of your sales funnel and the topic of your first email could be: “comparing a Mac with a PC.” Offer a solution to your lead’s problem in your lead nurturing emails.

Send Brief and Concise Messages

Your lead will most likely decide within five seconds after receiving your lead nurturing email whether it should be read or deleted. Don’t worry about decorating your email with graphics or custom HTML. Keep your message simple and easy to read. Don’t include excessive links or call to action that your leads are not going to pay any attention to.

Let Your Leads Follow a Natural Progression

Plan the flow of your lead nurturing email campaigns so that your leads are able to follow a natural progression down your sales funnel.

Make sure that your first email after conversion is quite educational without any deliberate emphasis on conversion, however your following emails should be both educational and also prompt the lead to convert a second time. This could mean attending a webinar, downloading a demo or signing up for a trial offer.

Measure Your Success

Make use of the tracking reports for your lead nurturing email campaigns by measuring what’s working and what’s not. Pay close attention to the click-through-rates (CTR) and unsubscribe rates. Typically if your unsubscribe rates stay below 5%, this would mean that your subscribers are reading your emails and overall your lead nurturing campaign is successful. However, if the unsubscribe rate goes over 5%, then you’ll need to re-evaluate your campaigns and figure out what’s not working and how to improve it. You may try testing new content, perhaps a more interesting subject line and adjusting the timing of the sending of the emails.

These are just some of the techniques that you can use in your lead nurturing campaigns. Lead nurturing is really part of the broader concept of a communication plan which helps to provide valuable information and customer contact to help convert more leads into customers. If you discover something that is working and contributing to the overall success of your campaigns, make sure you make a note of it and then continue implementing it in your future lead nurturing campaigns.



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