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Content MarketingAll of us in the online marketing world have long heard that “content is king.” Content Marketing is the term that we use to refer to the online production of various types of valuable content that we create to help address our client’s problems and concerns. Content may be in form of blog posts, videos, slide presentations, social media posts, images, podcasts…. virtually any format that helps to convey a message.

Your Content Needs to be Engaging

 Needless to say, like most things, there’s a right way to do these things and a wrong way. James Parsons wrote an excellent article as a guest writer for Entrepreneur magazine detailing how to structure your content so that you have best chance for your articles to be read and shared. Here it is: 5 Ways to Avoid Writing Content That Will Never Be Read by Anyone

Lead with the Right Headline

To attract your readers’ attention in the first place it makes sense that the headline would be important. Steve Rayson of Buzzsumo published a fascinating study of 100 million headlines (!!??) and laid out the types of headlines worked best for the various marketing venues. His dizzying analysis in this article “We Analyzed 100 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned” is actually really interesting and should cause you to stop and think twice before you conceive of your next article headline.

Educate Your Readers

An article written by John Boitnott in Inc. Magazine accurately points out that sometimes blogs are written strictly for purposes of gaining a page one presence for a particular keyword. This, in fact, may steer us far off course since the purpose of the post should really be to educate customers about your products and services. You are far more likely to engage and educate your visitors using the types of content detailed in this post:  “7 Product Guides That Will Drive People to Your Blog Instead of Away” From it

Repurpose Content

Creating marketing content can seem daunting. But if you start with a video, that same content can be repurposed in many different ways to help you reach customers in many different platforms. Ann Smarty’s article for the Social Media Examiner entitled How to Repurpose Videos Into Many Forms of Valuable Content details how to use video to produce up to eight different types of content for your business.

Measure Your Results with the Right KPI’s

KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators are the means by which you can measure the success or failure of your content marketing campaign. But which KPI’s to use? It turns out, according to Mike Murray in his post “101+ Key Performance Indicators – Pick the Best” for the Content Marketing Institute. It turns out that there are hundreds of possible choices of KPI’s to use but it is important to select one that conforms to the goals of your campaign.

Optimize Your Local Search Marketing

If you are a small business and your target market is within your local area, then making sure that you are accessible via local search is imperative for your business. If you own a website, then it is not worth spending time on following up with leads that are coming to you from the rest of the world, since you would want to focus on local leads which have the potential to turn into real customers. We have put together a list of things that you can do to ensure that you are pulling in more leads from your target market by optimizing your local SEO campaign for local search.

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Problem? Solved!

Content MarketingWhen you hear the words “customer” and “pain” in the same sentence, it’s natural to associate them with bad news – as in dissatisfied, complaining, stubborn or even rude individuals.

But pain runs both ways. Your customers and prospects have their own issues and questions and personal or professional problems. And what if you could mitigate those problems before they became crises?

What if you could be recognized as not only a thought-leader, but a problem-solver ready with the answers?

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Published on Nov 30, 2016

Jim Rothstein, founder of Page One Marketing, is the focus of this installment of our weekly series, Business Newsmakers, sponsored by Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union.

Each week, host Frank DeRaffele visits with a person or organization that contributes to the landscape of Hudson Valley business, through leadership, time, talent, or finances.

“Page One Marketing specializes in local marketing through the use of unique capabilities that help our clients dominate the local search results for their targeted geographic keywords. We help our clients get found online and generate targeted traffic to their web properties,” – http://www.page1searchresults.com/

Business Newsmakers sponsor Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union  offers our community so much more than a complete array of banking and financial services, it is also completely immersed in our community. Senior managers and unpaid professionals serve on a number of non-profit Boards and Committees throughout Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, and Ulster Counties. Our Community Involvement Committee (CIC) also coordinates more than 20 events each year for our staff to become involved. Events range from walks to fundraising drives and much more—all meant to help strengthen the quality of life for our members, friends, families, and neighbors in the Hudson Valley.


Social Media Sites Are Where Your Customers Are

Social MediaAccording to modern folklore, famous criminal Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks. His answer: That’s where the money is. While Sutton as the source of the iconic quote has since been debunked, the ensuing “Sutton’s Law” states that doctors, when diagnosing, should consider the most obvious and likely condition first.

Sutton’s Law could apply to your online marketing efforts. If you’re not “where the money is” these days – on social media sites – then you are less likely to get the lead generation outcome you seek.

Whatever personal opinion you hold on the subject of Facebook, Twitter and the like, the indisputable fact is that millions of people– 78 percent of American adults as of 2016, notes a study by the Pew Research Center – use social media sites, and for many it’s part of their daily routine.

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Good article written by Jayson DeMers for Forbes about small business and internet marketing.


If you’ve spent any time networking with local small business owners, working for them as employees, or pursuing them as potential clients in the past 15 years or so, you’ve undoubtedly heard some variation the following phrase: “we don’t need online marketing.” Today, most such business owners have at least made the concession of attaining a website, but what about optimizing it for search engines? Designing it in line with a brand? Offering an e-commerce platform for online purchases? Engaging with customers on social media?

To the “traditional” business owner, these concepts often seem like fads, or otherwise like wastes of time. To the professional marketer, the benefits seem obvious. Where, then, is the root cause of this dissonance? Is online marketing really necessary for today’s traditional small businesses, or is it possible to survive without an online strategy? (Read More)


What You Must Know Before Hiring an SEO Consultant

seoAre you planning to hire an SEO Consultant or an SEO Services company? Do you want to make sure that your SEO project is successful? Before you hire an SEO Consultant, here are some tips that you can use to ensure that you remain in control and how you can contribute towards the overall success of your SEO project.

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