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7 Ingredients For The Best Landing Page

Landing PageA landing page is where your site visitor actually converts into a lead (web conversion). It prompts the visitor to provide their information in exchange for a specific offer that they would expect to receive after filling out an online form. An effective landing page along with your offer button that immediately captures a visitor’s attention can turn your visitors into a steady stream of leads.

Here are the top seven best practices that will help you create the best landing page:

  • The Five Second Test:  A visitor will often decide whether they should fill out the online form on your landing page within the first five seconds and sometimes even before the page has finished loading. Ensure a professional looking landing page which is easy to fill out. Visitors should be able to understand your offer and the information you require right away.
  • Simplicity Pays:  Your visitor lands on your landing page after clicking on a call to action button for downloading an ebook, webinar etc. Make sure that the page contains the exact information pertaining to the offer and nothing more. The content should be easy to understand and simple so that the visitors don’t have to do any guess-work.
  • Short and Sweet:  It is easier for a visitor to simply click away and go back to Google searching for similar websites than to read through a lot of information or questions on your landing page.
  • Get them to Trust You:  Visitors will usually cringe about providing their personal information to a site that is not trustworthy to them. You can build credibility by displaying your logo or a client testimonial where it can be seen quickly as soon as a visitor lands on the landing page.
  • Remove Distractions:  Make sure that your visitor does not get distracted while they are on the landing page. Don’t provide them any additional navigation like a link back to your homepage, menu options etc. Your landing page should only have your online form, the “submit” button and the relevant information. The focus of your squeeze page should only be to get them to provide their information and nothing else.
  • Reinforce Value:  Your website will most likely talk about a specific offer for the visitor which will be linked to your landing page. For example, your website may state, “We offer a free ebook that explains how to build a chicken coop.”If somebody clicks on “free ebook”, they will land on your landing page which will prompt the visitor to fill out an online form. Restate what you are offering and why it’s valuable by using a simple bulleted list near the top of the page.

Wear their Shoes:  Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and ask yourself if you would fill out the form on your landing page? Is the offer easy to understand? Do you feel comfortable providing your personal information? Make sure that you consistently make changes until your landing page looks perfect to you and don’t forget to continuously test your landing page.

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